Clare Hozack

Clare Hozack

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I had the best guiding experience of my life with Binod and the Hike Nepal Team.

I organized an overseas adventure with my gym every year, where I run the training and then outsource the trip. Last year we contracted Hike Nepal to run our trek.

10 days before we were due to leave, the earthquake hit Nepal, and we decided not to go. We had already paid for a good portion of our trip, and Binod kindly allowed us to reschedule. We did not ask for a refund as it would have been impossible for him to arrange it in the chaos following the earthquake, and he was still quite prepared to take us as the area of Nepal that we were going to trek was not seriously affected (if we could get there!).

11 months later, and we finally made it to Nepal. Our original agreement with Binod was for over 10 people; we ended up with only 9 but he did not change the agreement.

Binod met us personally at the airport, and took care of meals, entertainment, accommodation, and much more thereafter. He personally held the hand of one of my clients that was 6wks post knee surgery down every set of stairs (there were a lot). He gave our 69 year old client pep talks when she freaked out and cried (she was scared that she couldn’t do it). He loyally trudged at a snail pace beside another client that hurt his back. He provided friendly assistant-guides for the rest of us, who then could walk at our own pace without a worry for the others, because we knew they were being looked after. He overheard a conversation about someone getting wet, and promptly purchased a poncho for them. He saw myself and another girl leaping into a river one day, so changed our itinerary so that we could leap in another rive on the next day.

To top it off, he presented us with certificates and trophies – each one individualized with our national flag and name – to commemorate our achievement.

My group is elated with their accomplishments, and it is all thanks to Binod and his crew. They went above and beyond any of my expectations, and I do not hesitate to recommend them to you.

Clare Hozack