World’s Heritage Sites Tour - 4 Days

World’s Heritage Sites Tour
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Trip Facts
  • Duration 4 Days

Trip Overview

Kathmandu valley (1336 m) is famous for its Archaeological and historical sites. Once a separate kingdom in itself, it contains four major fabled cities, Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur and Kiritipur. The skillfully built temples and palaces, delicately- engraved stones and metal images, carved wooden columns and pillars and the history laden shrines and Chaityas (stupas) of these four historical cities stand as paradigm of the artistic achievements. The valley is rich in places of both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage. These two religions have been quite brotherly residing within the kingdom since time immemorial.



Day 1. : Arrival Day

Day 2. : Visit Kathmandu Durbar Squire, Bo,udhnath stupa, Pashupatinath

Day 3. : Visit Patan, Khokana and Swambhunath

Day 4. : Departure

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