Why Choose Hike Nepal

Why Choose Hike Nepal

Binod at your service, even at the initial contact

We are an independent trekking and tour company with a group of tourism professionals and expert guides having long term work experience in the Nepal tourism industry. As a team leader I often escort our trips. That enables me to have direct contact with my customers and provide them with the latest, up-to-date field knowledge, while at the same time taking the opportunity for feedback to further improve the quality of our services. We have put our heart and soul, even our sweat, into every trip that we run. I strongly believe that our friendships begin with our initial contacts. The emails we exchange in preparation for the trip allow us to learn about one another prior to our meeting. Upon your arrival, we will already know something about each other, so that we will not begin our adventure together as complete strangers.

Personalized service

When you travel with Hike Nepal you can be assured of the highest standards of service at every stage of your travel adventure, from initial inquiry through to booking, all ground handling services up to your return home. Hike Nepal is a relatively small company so the service we provide is friendly and personalized. Being small allows me to create a custom adventure for you, based on your needs. My staff and I endeavor to accommodate any changes you find necessary, even in the middle of a trip. Your goals and personal needs guide us every step of the way to make your trip a success. Years of experience have taught us to understand your travel needs and to inform you about our local destinations. We guarantee we can provide exceptional quality and reliability to create a fantastic and memorable trekking/ tour adventure.

Fare Pricing & Well treated staff

We aim to provide you quality services at fair and competitive prices and excellent value for money. Our team is fully insured for the trek. We always provide them with enough clothing and proper equipment during the trekking (which is a major issue in certain areas). If you’ve trekked before you will know how hard porters have to work to earn a living. Yet many guides and porters are shockingly UNDERPAID by some trekking agents. Rest assured that our guides, porters and other supporting staff will be fairly paid. The expenses go fairly and directly to them, and thus to the local community. It also means saving your hard earned cash, which can be better used for your trekking expenses. Please read my own philosophy about porters in Nepal – when I started in this profession I worked as a porter.

Worry-free logistics and services

As As a tour operator and guide I will personally select the best available and most comfortable lodging, dining with backdrops of stunning Himalayas ranges. In addition, I will also look after your logistical requirements like picking you up from the airport, paying Conservation/ National park fees, organizing your transport to the trek head, liaising and directing the porter and many others requirements that you need not worry about.

Assured safety and Financial Protection

Saying safety is our top priority is an understatement! We believe that no trek/ tour is complete without maintaining high standards of safety and we have the best available support and rescue procedure and facilities set up should they be needed. Rest assured that you are in good capable hands. During the planning process, you will have a clear understanding about your payment. I am very much conscious of your budget (am sure you are too). I will provide you every detail of the tour package cost so that you are fully aware of any extra expenses that may be incurred. No unpleasant surprises! We understand how important it is that the money you spend on your holiday is 100 % financially protected for your confidence and peace of mind . We’ve number of ways in which we protect the money you pay for your holiday. You are completely safe with us, and that is our PROMISE!

Culture preservation

We love our unique traditional culture which reflects our main Nepali identity. Having experienced trek life through Nepal’s numerous high landscapes, our team have gained deep knowledge of the diverse culture, history, people and customs of Nepal. We have been taught to respect the local cultures of the places we visit. We also believe that travel is a learning experience. So we sincerely hope that through this trip you will really come to understand and love Nepal as we do.

Good food and comfy accommodation

Giving the highest priority to the health of our guests, we ensure food is prepared and served hygienically on our camping treks. Our cooks are well trained and very experienced at preparing both western and eastern dishes. Our tea-house treks have a variety of accommodation, from five star hotels in the city to simple mountain lodges, however we supervise and check the food preparation to ensure high standards. Our trip itineraries give you full details on the accommodation and food.

A Belief in environmental awareness and preservation

Our treks and tours are designed with deep commitment to our natural environment, benefiting the local community. We are aware of the importance of preservation of our eco-system for a healthy world, and we encourage disposal of garbage produced during the trip in the proper manner to avoid an adverse affect on the environment. “We trek with a light footprint”.

Check our references

Our dedication, specialized tour itineraries, authentic information, and certified & professional staff have enabled us to provide quality service that has been well appreciated by our clients over the years. We are grateful for the many compliments and testimonials that we’ve received from our previous clients. Our core philosophy is to combine a deep Nepal experience, professional service, and a personal touch service during your tour.

Obsessions with quality service

As a guide and Tour Operator, my primary goal is to provide our customers with a culturally rich and diverse experience alongside Himalayan natural beauty so that they will leave with many happy memories of their visit to this little country and her people.

We offer my fully committed professionalism and sincerity in this business. As a tour operator and guide my primary goal is to present all kinds of travelers to a wonderful traveling opportunity and a culturally enriching adventure both personally and financially. I want all of my customers leave with many happy memories of their visit to our country, Nepal.

Finally, dear respected travelers, if any of you are planning to come to Nepal with an immense interest and dream of exploring this magical kingdom through trekking and touring … you are cordially invited to contact me by mail, phone or email. I am always glad to extend my warm hospitality and willing to share with you a blend of Nepal. Let me make your time in Nepal an experience you will never forget.