Take a small break and Hike in Nepal

Take a small break and Hike in Nepal

8th May, 2018

Hiking in Nepal is the cluster of tourism professionals and professional guides having long-term self-made work expertise within the Nepal tourism business. It is the member of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, Nepal mountain climbing Association, Nepal Tourism Board and Kathmandu Environmental Education Project. The founder of Hike Nepal is Binod Mahat. We have a tendency to support conservation problems regarding cultural heritage and nature of Nepal. Hike Nepal is committed to care and protect the mountain trekking in Nepal the Himalaya to form certain that its natural beauty & cultural heritage are often enjoyed. Additionally, we have a tendency to the lookout of each aspect trekking, travelling & ascension providing safety.

Yala Peak

Why Hiking in Nepal?

We look after each traveller who is travelling with us.

  • Assured safely & Financial protection

We follow the renowned Provoke “Health is wealth”. The Hike Nepal can offer you healthiness service if required and safety anyplace. We have a tendency to take care of every and each traveller’s safety. And most of the issue we do not misuse your cash as a result of we have a tendency to perceive how vital cash is. So we’ll offer you 100% financial protection.

  • Culture preservation

Our main slogan is to guard our culture, nature, and heritage. Conservation of culture will be our 1st priority and if you’re lucky enough then you may have the chance to look at or involve in cultural works.

  • Good food & Comfort

“Good food, Good life”. Travelling could be a fun issue however it makes us tired too. After travel, if we don’t have good food and luxury then our mood will swing. So we’ll offer you good food and luxury zone for you to create your trip unforgettable and fun.

  • Environmental awareness & preservation

Many people travel and dirty the area by throwing garbage everyplace which can have the unhealthy impact on the atmosphere. But while travelling with us, that issue won’t happen. Therefore, we have a tendency to take care of the environment.

festival of nepal 

Our Mission and Visions:

Hike Nepal is a group of commercial enterprise professionals and skilled guides having long-term successful work expertise within the Nepal touristry business. we have a tendency to are makes a specialty of cultural and natural heritage tours, trekking, hiking, mounting mountain climbing, rafting, life safaris tours and journey sports like mountain biking, paragliding, bungee jumping and craft itineraries.

Hike Nepal supports conservation problems, we have a tendency to love our distinctive ancient culture that reflects our main Nepali identity. Having practiced trek life through Nepal’s varied high landscapes, our team have gained deep data of the varied culture, history, individuals and customs of Nepal. we’ve been instructed to respect the native cultures of the places we have a tendency to visit. we have a tendency to conjointly believe that travel could be a learning expertise. thus we have a tendency to sincerely hope that through this trip you may very come back to know and love Nepal as we have a tendency to do.

Hike Nepal is committed to nurture and defend the mountain trekking route in Nepal mountain chain to create positive that its natural beauty and cultural heritage may be enjoyed these days, tomorrow and for several a lot of years.

We participate serving to the agricultural development committee of Nepal giving ten you look after the profit. thus whereas you are doing any trip with Hike Nepal you’re directly involving in promoting rural areas of Nepal.

Religion of Nepal

Policies for our visitors to hike with us

At Hike Nepal Ltd we have a tendency to are very serious and committed concerning protective your right to privacy. Your personal distinctive data like your name, home address, phone, fax, and e-mail address; also as a name of company or organization are going to be unbroken confidentially; and can NOT be shared or distributed with the other third party below ANY circumstances. We keep all your records and keep your personal data all confidential. Our bank and Mastercard businessperson accounts handle payment for orders. Also, Hike Nepal Ltd keep No Mastercard details (credit card variety, expiration date).

We collect the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail; mixture data on what pages guests access or verify. The knowledge collected is employed to enhance the content and quality of our website.

Every time somebody visits our website our computer generate a log file. This contains data like the user’s information processing address; however, long that user spent on the location and those elements of it they checked out. So we use information processing addresses to spot a user after we feel; hence it is necessary to enforce compliance with our terms and conditions or to shield our services and different users.