Message from Binod – 2019

Message from Binod – 2019

Dear Friends,

Your family in Nepal wishes all of you “A VERY HAPPY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 2019”. It hardly feels time has passed since the millennium year and we are in 2019. It seems time is flying but our lives are at stand still.

It is our responsibility to rebuild this nation. And there is no better way to revive the economy than through tourism which supports every level of Nepal society. One of the best things that people can do to help Nepal to recover will be to come for a holiday as soon as possible. So please make a plan to visit Nepal soon and be a part of rebuilding our nation.

Nepal is moving toward to get a stable government which will contribute the fragile economy of the country. It is funny that 99.99% of the population seems to see the solution right in-front of their eyes and the 0.01% although seeing it, just ignores and makes every effort in disrupting this small country which has very limited self sustaining resources.

“Look at any situation through thorny eyes
and everything looks thorny
look at any situation through rosy eyes
and everything looks Rosy”

This is a direct translation from a song “Phoolko Aankhama” sung by Ani Choying Dolma from one of her album “Moments of Bliss”.

Nepalese people (please ignore the 0.01% ) are hard working and real optimist: every situation gives us a smile because we see a brighter side; we are not sure whether we will smile tomorrow but we are happy that we are smiling today.

Lets see what 2018 has in store for us, not only Nepalese but also all peace loving people of the world. Hope you can make it to Nepal this year and share your happiness and sorrows. Happiness if shared grows a thousand fold and sorrows if shared demises a thousand fold. See you soon and please do check out my website

With best regards and wishes,
Binod Mahat.