Kakani Village Tour - 3 Days

Kakani Village Tour
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Trip Facts
  • Duration 3 Days
  • Grade A (Easy)
  • Max Altitude 2030 m
  • Best Time Oct - May

Trip Overview

Located 29 km northwest of Kathmandu city, the fabulous holiday area of Kakani features attractions ranging from beautiful alpine scenery to the magnificent Himalayan panorama particularly of Ganesh himal massif. Other peaks that can be closely seen from Kakani.


Cost & Dates

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Additional Info

While visiting Kakani village it is recommended to follow the following customs:

(Some do and don’ts)

  • Affection between men and women, even married, is selfdom expressed. Public kissing, hugging, and hand- holding are offensive to most Nepalese and a sign moral. But it is acceptable for two men to walk hand in hand.
  • Affection between men and women, even married, is seldom expressed. Public kissing, hugging, and hand- holding are offensive to most Nepalese and a sign moral. But it is acceptable for two men to walk hand in hand.
  • Baksheesh is an extra payment for a service performed and is usually given to porters or laborers at the end of the job. It can be money or clothes or anything else and there is no set rate.
  • Bargaining is to be expected. Don’t bargain if you’re not really interested. If your price is accepted, don’t try to back out, and don’t try to get an even lower price.
  • Bathing in the hills is very conservative. Men should wear shorts; women should wear a lungi pulled up under the arms.
  • Children are spoiled crazies. Don’t be surprised if you are the center of attraction everywhere.
  • Clothing is conservative. Men should not go bare- chest and shorts should be conservative. Women should avoid bare shoulders halter tops, and shorts. Ties and suits are not necessary except for special occasions.
  • Conversations may have ‘dead’ patches. Nepalese are not uncomfortable with silence.
  • Cows are sacred. They go and sleep where they want. Watch out for them if you must stretch them out while sitting on the floor.
  • Never step over anyone, and always move your feet let people avoid stepping over you.
  • Gifts are rarely given and seldom opened in front of the person who has given it.
  • Heads are sacred and should be treated with respect. Never should be treated without respect. Never take who has given it and never take a topi (hat) off a man’s head, even in fun.
  • Invitations often arrive at the last moment. Don’t be surprised or offended, it happens to everyone. If you’re busy, even a short appearance is enough.
  • Jutho (impurity) refers to food that is ritually polluted and therefore inedible; any food which has come into contact, either directly or indirectly with the month becomes jutho.
  • Left hands are used for cleaning oneself after going to the toilet. It is never used to pass or accept things, whether food at the table or money with a shopkeeper.


Day 1. : Arrival day in Kathmandu

Day 2. : Hike to Kakani village

Day 3. : Walk back to Kathmandu

Day 4. : Departure

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Trip Includes

  • Local food and drink
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • A welcome like you have never had before
  • The culture experience of a lifetime

Trip Excludes

  • Television
  • Bottled beer
  • Hamburgers
  • Rubbish on the trail
  • Thousands of tourists

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