Bunje Jumping - 2 Days

Bunje Jumping
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Trip Facts
  • Duration 2 Days

Trip Overview

The sport has finally found a natural home in the highest mountain range in the world. The ultimate thrill of a bungy jump can now be experienced in Nepal at perhaps the best site in the world. Bhote Koshi Bunje Jumping is Nepal’s first bungy jumping site and it is situated 160 m over the wild Bhote Kosi river, and located close to the Nepal- Tibet border, a three – hour bus ride from Kathmandu.

The beautiful valley is home to the dense forests surrounding the cliff top gorge. The tedious trip is well worth it just for the spectacular view, which many consider to be one of the most beautiful in the world. One can stay here overnight and go rafting and rock climbing too. The opportunities for adventure in the world’s most spectacular mountains are not to be missed.


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